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Core gone today

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 23, 2015, 7:25 AM
In, I believe, less than an hour, I will be losing my Core Membership once again. It's been swell having it. A month ago today I created a new group called :iconblack-butler-archive: and in that month I have not only was able to get a great start on it thanks to :iconsasusredhead: but also a lot of members already. In just under a month there is 72 members and 74 watchers.

Also I'm still going head strong with my new fanfic called "Sweetest Soul" I had started the story out as a Adventure/Romance genre but I think, now that I've thought about it it's more Suspense/Romance.

I haven't forgotten all the other projects I have to do.

Also I'm well under way in getting ready for Christmas. I have my decorations up and about half my shopping done. This week I plan do some baking. Last year didn't get that done well not going to slack off this time.

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KakaSaku Stamp by Shay-SamaGIVEAWAY | Inuyasha by loupdenuitHitsuKarin STAMP by IwonnStamp: ShikaTema by SunforJanuaryBL: IshiHime by Before-I-Sleepc: Gin/Orihime stamp by Absolute-KingStamp - RenRuki by WarrayfinsonIchiRuki Stamp by jta4STAMP: ShikaIno. by sop3-STAMPSLois and Clark: Superman Stamp by Lady1VenusIchigo and Senna Stamp by CamtrtlAihime Stamp by mulcahyStarscream and Alexis stamp by Lady1VenusByaRuki Stamp by Suigetsu-HouzukiRini and Helios Stamp by Lady1VenusHitsuHina - Stamp by KaorulovDax and Worf by Lady1VenusPure Love - Naruhina Stamp by Kaorulovsesskag stamp by sesskagKira and Odo by Lady1Venus.:YumiHime:.Stamp by twin-ArmaggedonsNaru and Nephrite by Lady1VenusGray and Lucy Stamp by Lady1VenusYamaSaku stamp by AyanaPL by team-7-loveAsumaXKurenai Fan Stamp by mistressmaxwellJushiro and Rukia Stamp by Lady1VenusNejiSaku stamp by Suigetsu-HouzukiMiroku and Sango Stamp by ethie-chanN: Minato X Sakura Stamp by ShadowHachiaNejiHina stamp by Queen-of-Ice-HeartNeji Loves Tenten Stamp by kathynorrisartNatsu x Lucy Stamp 4 by whiteflamingoSessRin Stamp by RanStampsVenus and Malachite-Kunzite by Lady1VenusFT: Loke x Lucy Heartfilia Stamp by ShadowHachiaIruka and Sakura Stamp by Lady1VenusNatsu and Lisanna Stamp by Lady1VenusFT: Erza x Jellal Stamp by ShadowHachia

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RQ: Orochiamru x Sarah Stamp by ShadowHachiaRQ: Sasuke x Amber Stamp by ShadowHachiaUryu and Alexis stamp by Lady1VenusBleach Pairing Stamp made by Absolute-King by Lady1VenusYamato and Anna Stamp by Lady1VenusB: Byakuya X Skye Stamp by ShadowHachiaGIFT: KakaKira Stamp by ShadowHachiaIzuru and Zelina by Lady1VenusShunsui and Sam (OC) by Lady1VenusKabuto and Tayla by Lady1VenusToshiro and Mitsu Stamp by Lady1VenusFT: Loke x Katie Stamp by ShadowHachiaOroMayu Stamp by LadySesshyRQ Lady1venus by ShadowHachiaN: Iruka X Talia Stamp by ShadowHachiaGIFT for LadySesshy by Lady1VenusSessSak Support by LadySesshyKakashi and Sanya Stamp by Lady1VenusNejixKelina for Lady1Venus by LadySesshyGIFT for Cupcake--Sweetheart by Lady1VenusRQ: Shunsui x Sam Stamp by ShadowHachiaRQ: Lady1Venus by Nightingale9

OCs of mine

B: Sasha Stamp by ShadowHachiaSarah by Lady1VenusOC Sanya Support Stamp by Lady1VenusN: Chloe Stamp by ShadowHachia


Special Journal Entries

For those who don't know html for dAI know, it's silly but there are actually people who don't know the html codes used here in dA so I'm going to gives those who don't or are new a chance to know instead of "search and find out"
Anyone who dares mock meOk. I'm having a new problem today with another fellow dA member, I'm not going to say names this time. But I have one thing to say about this matter as this has come up before.
If you're going to come to my page and insult me because of my looks, just don't. Didn't your mother ever teach you manners? Anyone who EVER dares to mock my looks again, I will immediately flag your comment as spam and report you to dA admins.
Read the rules people... know them... study them and know how you're supposed to treat others
People have been removed from the site before and were reported for hate comments.
I'm not going to stop posting pictures of myself. I don't do it to get rude remarks like "you're ugly" or "you're a dog", I post it because I want people to "know me".
I know I'm not the most attractive woman out there and it's not my damn fault I'm big busted either. I'm only 4'10". You want to blame something then blame the family gene pool. But you don't have to be skinny to be pretty.
Artists and Writers what dA doesn't allowI've been here on dA for nearly 4 years now, but was an irregular active member for nearly 3 years. Last year around this time is when I became a regular active member; uploading, checking, joining more groups, etc.
In the past year I've seen adult content that sometimes makes me sick and have felt perhaps they are against the rules. I've had a few people tell me there is certain content which is NOT allow and will be removed without warning. Some people will even be warned about it by either being banned or suspended.
I have actually seen some content that actually does goes against the rules and I would just like to say, it's sickening and those people should know better. There's rules for a reason. So I decided to take a look in the FAQ to find out what what adult content is NOT allowed. Here is what I've found and would like to share with you.
Some friends have asked me if they were going against these rules. For those of who have asked me, I would like to say, I
Point Commission PricesMy prices are...
Logo Banner:
25 - 50 Points depends on logo
Custom Adoptable Outfits:
100 Points and 50 Points for each extra
Short Story Fanfics:
$3.00 or 300 Points for 500 up to 3000 words
One Shot Fanfics:
$5.00 or 500 Points for 3001 up to 9000 words
Just so you all know, for those who seek out a commission from an anime, I've only ever watched the dubbed, therefore the fics I write will be in dub format. Please note me on more information
If lemon desired there are some restrictions. NC-17 lemons will not be written as they can not be posted here. If desired R lemon, can post here. NC-17 is very descriptive while R is more vague and lacks the explicit details. I do have guideline list
I need to have all information for your commission/trade as you can give me. If I write the story and then you say
Fanfic Point Commission GuidelinesHere is everything you need to know in what I will and will not do. These can change as new ones are brought to my attention. Yes, this could seem a bit extreme, but these rules actually have existed from the start, I just didn't voice them until now. So far anyone who has commissioned me, has not ever complained
Will do:
- Bleach
- Inuyasha
- Sailor Moon 1992 (old dub and new dub)
- Naruto
- ThunderCats (1980s)
- All Ratings: G (K), PG(K+), PG-13(Teen) and R(M)
- Sex (R rated that is)
- Holidays even when the holiday isn't near
- Canon/Canon
- Canon/OC
- Cousins incest (Naruto – Hinata/Neji)
- One-shots (stories that are between 3001 - 9000 words long)
- Short Stories (stories that are between 500 - 3000 words long)
- Drabbles (500 and 1000. That's the story which doesn't include title or author's notes)
- Nearly all genres (romance, drama, humor, adventure etc)
- Special events (breast cancer awareness etc)
Will NOT do:
- Rape/Molestation/Torture
- canon/reader = fi


Favorite Characters

Bleach Stamp by JackdawStamps
B: Jushiro Ukitake Stamp by ShadowHachiaKira Izuru Stamp by KrisderpIshida stamp by Ichigo--samaByakuya Stamp by pokeibunirangiku matsumoto stamp by NaruHinauntiltheend2Kyoraku stamp by LithestepBleach Yoruichi by animeclass101RQ: Kaname Tosen Stamp by ShadowHachiaB: Gin Ichimaru Stamp by ShadowHachiaToshiro Hitsugaya Stamp by lightpurgeSTAMP: Renji by sunstroke-artshuhei by meimei-stampsaizen, the lazy bad guy by meimei-stampsUrahara Stamp by martinissYumichika Stamp. by twin-Armaggedons

Naruto Stamp by Jazz-Kamelski
RQ: Kakashi Hatake Stamp by ShadowHachiaN: Minato Namikaze Stamp by ShadowHachiaIruka Stamp by SRKAddictYakushi Kabuto by imrahilXbattousaiNS: Shippuden Temari Fan Stamp by xavs-stampsStamp [Character]: Gaara by AltoStampsShikamaru Stamp by foxfanartNeji Stamp 1 by Okami-RayneYamato Stamp by Zibby-DoodlesGenma by MyttensOrochimaru Stamp by Lady1VenusNaruto Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXx

Fairy Tail Stamp by whiteflamingo
FT: Natsu Dragneel Stamp by ShadowHachiaFT: Grey Fullbuster Stamp by ShadowHachiaFT: Loke Stamp by ShadowHachiaFT: Erza Scarlet Stamp2 by ShadowHachiaFT: Freed Justine Stamp by ShadowHachiaFT: Lucy Heartfilia Stamp by ShadowHachiaFT: Hibiki Lates Stamp by ShadowHachiaRQ: Jellal Fernandes Stamp2 by ShadowHachiaFT: Mystogan Stamp by ShadowHachiaRQ: Lyon Vastia Stamp by ShadowHachia



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